4 things the Homeless in Kelowna lack and how to provide for them

One of the places in Canada that have warm temperatures is Kelowna. On the other hand, during winter the temperature becomes very low. And it is always a problem for the homeless because they would be in need of shelter and food.

The good news is there are shelters available in Kelowna alongside with shelters. And they help people stay warm during the cold while providing them with food. People who are beneficiaries of the care provided in Kelowna usually have a renewed sense of hope.

Asides housing and food, there are some things that residents in Kelowna lack, and here is how they can be cared for:

  • Counseling services

Several people who are homeless do not have hope in life anymore. A good number of them have thought of ending their lives before. Therefore, it is vital that the homeless are catered for by receiving counseling services that would help to sustain their mental health.

The homeless people need encouragement and motivation to keep living and hoping that their lives will become better.

  • Healthcare services

Homeless people do not have full access to healthcare services. And this means that their health will be adversely affected. Some of them will die in the process because there is no quality healthcare. In addition, due to the fact that healthcare services would be expensive, the homeless would not be able to cater for themselves.

  • Availability of Food and good water

Homeless people barely have access to good food and water. And this is why their nutritional level is very low, which affects their health in the process. The homeless in Kelowna need good food and water. This would help to improve their quality of life.

  • Treatment and prevention of addiction

There is a tendency for the homeless in Kelowna to be addicted to either alcohol or drugs. However, these people can be helped when they have access to the right form of treatment. In conjunction with counseling services, they can be helped to live sober lives.

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