Kelowna Social Service Organizations

1The Mission of Kelowna Homeless Shelters

Kelowna may be one of the warmer places to live in Canada, but winter temperatures can still reach below 20 degrees Celsius. Year round, but during the winter months in particular, there is a tremendous need for the city to provide shelter and food to the needy and homeless population. That is why Kelowna is home to several excellent shelters and kitchens which work to get broken people back on their feet to discover a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

2The Purpose of Homeless Shelters and Kitchens

Homeless shelters and kitchens are much more than places that merely keep people alive. Their primary function is to provide the basic necessities of food and shelter to those who cannot provide themselves, but they are also habitats of change. Many shelters and kitchens offer resources such as spiritual guidance, job finding services, social worker services and places to form community and find peers.

3The Importance of Shelters and Kitchens in British Columbia

British Columbia is a Canadian province that has a higher substance abuse problem than many other Canadian provinces. Because of this fact, the number of people in need of social services and provision is higher as well. Most cities through out the west coast and interior of British Columbia have large, well run homeless shelters and kitchens in order to accommodate the growing number of people in need.


“Kelowna is a city that truly cares about its homeless population, and that care is reflected in the city's homeless shelters.”

-Craig Lewis, Kelowna Resident

“Kelowna prides itself on its social services, especially the ones that are passionately committed to inspiring change through messages of hope.”

-Genevieve Reynolds, Kelowna Resident

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